DocC Website

dl on Sep 6, 2021

This site has two functions. One is to be a real-world test of the SwiftySites framework – documenting its evolution. The other is the more traditional role of hosting the tool's documentation.

The DocC Framework is brand new but a fills up a gap previously covered by open-source efforts. Since SwiftySites is also new I thought it would be the perfect fit to try out the officially sanctioned way of generating docs.

In a way DocC is its own static site generator not unlike SwiftySites. It uses comments on the source code as well as standalone Markdown files as input and it applies internal HTML templates to produce a website. So the challenge becomes how to merge the DocC-generated site into this present site.

Apple has a guide which includes how to Host a Documentation Archive on Your Website. It simply involves exporting the generated bundle from the Xcode viewer.

My solution was to straightforwardly dump the exported DocC archive into the static folder of this very site's source repo. SwiftySites will copy all static contents and only then generate the new outputs on top so we only need to be careful not to call things with the same name.

The final result can be seen here in all its glory.